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Conferenza Stampa al International Motor Show di Ginevra – featuring la nuova Audi A3 concept

Audi Press Conference
giovedì, 1 marzo 2011
19.45 , Palexpo Geneva
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Audi Press Conference
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
7.45 p.m. (CET), Palexpo
The event can be recorded live via downlink using satellite coordinates. A detailed list of the various downlink options can be found below.
You can watch the press conference live at or mobile on your iPhone using the AudiMedia app. You can also integrate the event as a live stream on your website:
For mobile devices:
Video size: 320 x 180 pixels
Video + audio data rate = 420 kbit/s
For end devices with high bandwidths:
Video size 720 x 404 pixels
Video + audio data rate = 800 kbit/s
TV footage is available at This site also includes further information as well as photos and the Audi Press Conference web video.
If you are interested in the above, please contact our TV and Radio Coordinator, Florian Otto ( / tel: +49 (0)841 89 47562).
In the event that you require technical support for your TV, web TV or radio productions on location in Geneva, please contact us as soon as possible.
Information for TV stations
Satellite broadcast of Audi Press Conference
at 81st International Auto Show from Geneva, Switzerland
Europe/ Middle East – live feed
Date: March 01, 2011
Time: 07.45 – 08.10 CET ( = 06.45 – 07.10 UTC/GMT)
Live feed to start at appx 07.45 CET (= 06.45 UTC/GMT) to be followed by footage
satellite will be open from 07.25 CET (= 06.25 UTC/GMT)
Satellites: W2A – at 10 ° East
Txp. B1– Channel 1 9MHz ku slot
Downlink Frequency: 10.996,000 MHZ
Downlink Polarisation: horizontal (X)
Encoding: MPEG2/ 4:2:0 Tiernan / DVB-S / QPSK modulation
SR 6.1113 msym/sec
FEC 3/4 clear key
Video Standard: 625/PAL 16:9 SD feed
Audio: Ch 1: original German show mix, Ch 2: English commentary guide

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